Blackwood Valley Map

Blackwood Valley is a wine region developed around suitable locations traversed by the Blackwood River, which is one of the key waterways in the south-western corner of Western Australia. Throughout the region, the river winds its way down through some of the most elevated areas in this part of Western Australia, reaching 1000ft (300m) in some places. The climate here is Mediterranean in type, with warm, dry summers and wet winters. Commercial viticulture is most frequently assigned to either the free-draining sandy gravels which transition from altitude to the lower slopes, or alternatively the alluvial soils deposited on the floors of steep-sided valleys. The area is one of the youngest in Western Australia, with first recorded plantings appearing along the upper reaches of the river in the mid 1970's.

Curlew Estate is a boutique winery producing artisan wines for the discerning wine consumer. The vineyard is established on an elevated site over sandy gravels in the Mayanup district. The free-draining soil is ideal for viticulture and nutrients are provided via cover crops which are sewn between the rows each year. The vineyard is comprised entirely of Shiraz vines where fruit of unique quality undergoes whole bunch fermentation to create the premium "Curlew Estate Shiraz". Fruit from alternate varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, is also purchased from other vineyards in the Blackwood Valley to intersect with the Curlew Estate Shiraz and are marketed under the "Form One Lane" label.


Curlew Gravels